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me2By: Kris Veronika
Editor & Publisher
Scale Model Guide

If you are among the majority of the scale modellers who are looking for information on how to improve your modelling skills, chances are, you can identify with the following challenges (tick ones which apply to you):

I get frustrated that my scale models are not looking the way I want them to.

I have been trying to get my models to look realistic but I am not making progress as fast as I would like to. Sure…., I had fun making my current models, BUT I would be even happier if my next model look like the ones featured in the scale models magazines!!

Life is busy and time is precious, I do not have as much time as I would like to enjoy this excellent hobby, let alone spend countless hours on trial and error. I would like to make great and realistic models NOW!

Panzer IVIf you have ticked any of the boxes, you have come to the right place! As you read on the rest of this article, you are about to discover the one unique resource on the internet that can make the whole world of difference to your modelling skill and the quality of the models that you make.

Have you ever asked yourself, how is it that with all written magazines, books and articles you can find on internet, your modelling still isn’t at the level where you are 100% satisfied. Do not worry, you are not the only one. You see, the problem with 2 dimensional media is that just by looking at the pictures and reading text, you do not get the whole understanding, the complete know-how on how to do a certain technique.

How often do you buy a scale model magazine in the news agency, get excited about the feature step-by-step build story only to get frustrated that the writer has skipped a few important steps. As a result you only have a partial understanding of what to do. This happens to me a lot…

How about asking for advice in the hobby shop – have you ever got any good advice from the shop assistant. Very rarely!

Kris: Just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the above video. It is clear, informative, and the end product is truly a masterpiece. Many thanks for sharing your superior techniques and putting the ability to achieve similar results within the grasp of the average modelers. – Will

“With the Right Information Your Scale Modelling Skills Can Skyrocket !!!”

Up until now, there simply has not been any good specialised resource available to teach you tips and guide you step by step on how to create professionally looking scale models.

But now things are different. The amazing resource you need is right here, right now, and is incredibly easy to access and learn.

dvdcasestack Painting & Weathering Techniques for German PANZER Video Guide is a complete video guide which will take you through the whole process of making a professionally made and realistic scale armour model. This video guide is a must have for any beginner and intermediate scale modeler. It is professionally done and is jam packed full of learning tips and techniques that you will not find anywhere else!!

Making scale models is an ART, but how would you feel if I tell you that in order to create realistic and nice looking models, you do not need to be an artist. You just need the right information which is presented to you in a way that you can easily understand, so that you can easily apply the knowledge to make your models.

In this comprehensive 1 hr and 20 minutes video guide you will find all you need to know on how to paint and weather Panzer IV. Obviously the techniques which are shown in this video guide do not apply just to Panzer IV. As a matter of fact you can apply the exact same techniques on a range of other armour models.

This is what other scale modellers had to say:

Hi –Kris, Just wanted to thank you for this very professionally done and informative VIDEO GUIDE. I kind of had a break from this hobby for the last 20 years and I can see that there are lots of things that have changed! Thanks again, great guide – it has helped me a lot!!! – Michael

WOW – nice work! I recently finished making a Panzer IV and then found your video guide. After watching it, I applied lots of your tips to my new Tiger. I must say that my new Tiger model looks A LOT better than my previous models. I am amazed how much more realistic the Tiger looks. A BIG thanks to you for putting together a great guide – Patrick

Very Impressed! I first watched your He162 guide and have learned a lot. You sure have spent time explaining the details. Keep up the great work!- Carl

Hi Kris – thanks for including so many excellent weathering tips. I found your video guide to be very informative and detailed. I was not so keen to apply mud on my tank but after watching your guide I got enough courage to try so. Very happy with the end result! – James

Making Realistic Scale Models Looks Complex!

Now, I know you’re probably thinking, can I really create a scale model which looks that good?

Panzer IV And I am here to tell you…

With this step-by-step video guide you absolutely can!

Have you ever thought what it would be like to make great looking models. Models which are so detailed and beautifully realistic that they look like REAL size but which have been shrunk by ‘HONEY I SHRUNK THE KIDS machine. HA HA!

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel proud that you have created something so cool & real-looking. WORK OF ART ! Not only for you to admire, but also for your family and friends.

Imagine making models which are looking SO good – that you can proudly take to your work and show to your work colleagues. I have done that many times and I always get pure enjoyment in admiring and sharing my models with others. You will find that many people appreciate nice looking models. The feeling that you were able to make something so beautiful will make you extremely proud!!

Which valuable techniques are revealed in the Painting & Weathering Techniques for German PANZER Video Guide?



Apply modulation technique to highlight the different areas of your model to enrich the look and make your model more interesting.

Hairspray Paint Chips


Create realistic paint chipping effects with the hairspray technique.

Fading with oils


Create realistic fading and white streaks to simulate sun exposure.



Add depth to your model by applying the dark wash to all crevices of your model.

paint chips


Learn 4 important tips on how to apply realistic paint chips with a paint brush.

chips with sponge


Use sponge technique to make your paint chipping appear more realistic.

metalic shine


Add metallic shine to some of the exposed edges. Find out which metallic pigment we recommend.

accumulated rust


All steel vehicles when left in the rain will develop accumulated rust. Learn how to create this effect.

rusty muffler


Learn how to create a rusty muffler using plaster powder and pigments.



Apply rust and grime streaks to achieve maximum realism.



Learn how to apply mud and dust using plaster powder and pigments.

oil stains


No tank can be completed without few spots of oil and grease!

Would you like to see a sneak preview??

Click on the video below to see a sneak preview of this excellent video guide. Try maximising the screen for better viewing. Also press HD for a High Definition streaming quality!

Do not miss out on this excellent Video Guide!

This comprehensive 1hr 20min“Painting & Weathering Techniques for German PANZER Video Guide”can be yours for less than a price of 3 coffees. Yet the benefits it will give you are:

  • Many hours of saved time – No fluff – Straight to the point information !!

  • This video makes creating models more fun and less trial and error !

  • You will be able to start applying the knowledge on your models straight away !

I know the frustration in trying to create something and having spent many hours completing it, only to be disappointed in the end result and then feeling discouraged.

Do not fall in that trap. Fast track your modelling skills. Start making professionally looking models NOW!

In fact, if you are decisive and take action today you are going to get “Painting & Weathering Techniques for German PANZER Video Guide” for the incredibly low price of just $24.97 $14.97

Now doesn’t that sound fair?

BONUS MATERIAL – 6 Proven ways to improve your airbrushing skills

You will also receive an additional video showing you how to become proficient in the use of an airbush. If you are after realistic and professional finish than using a airbrushing is a must! In this video guide I will explain techniques such as:

  • Selecting the right airbrush

  • Selecting the right compressor

  • Understanding paints

  • Understanding paint – thinner ratios

  • Practice tips

  • How to maintain your airbrush


However, To Make It An Absolute “No-Brainer” Decision, I Will Also Offer a 100% Money-Back Guarantee …

I have no doubt, that when you download your Painting & Weathering Techniques for German PANZER Video Guide, you will be very happy with your purchase.
How do I know? Because the information has been created around the feedback of thousands of readers.

However, if you feel that the information is not for you, just let me know within 60 Days and I will refund you in full…No questions asked!

I believe in giving people value for what they paid for. So, if you don’t honestly feel that you could write to me saying how good the information is, I want to refund your money in full.


This is a small sum to pay, to get straight-to-the-point information! You can be watching this information on your computer screen within minutes !!

With our Money Back Guarantee you have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain!

It’s easy to get started. Just click the “Add To Cart” button below…

instant access

The bottom line is, your investment in the Painting & Weathering Techniques for German PANZER Video Guide is comparable to the price of a standard scale model magazine – BUT the learning VALUE which you will get from this video guide is so undeniably better than any other resource out there.

Well done Kris, this would have to be “the best” $15 I’ve spent on this hobby to date. Very informative for newb like myself. I can’t wait to put some of these techniques into practice. I look forward to more of the same. – Andrew

Don’t spend months and years trying to “figure it out”- let me show you the way!



me2By: Kris Veronika
Editor & Publisher
Scale Model Guide

P.S. You deserve to learn how to make better scale models… Spending the $24.97 $14.97 is an absolute “no-brainer” !!

PLUS you get my personal 100% money-back guarantee… It doesn’t get any better than that !!

$24.97 Value – Today Only $24.97 $14.97 !!

Painting & Weathering Techniques for German PANZER Video Guide FEATURES:


Weathering is the art of making something new look old. And realism is what sets great models apart from OK scale models
Weathering is also an interesting and fun part of the hobby. It is also something that will add huge value to your models. Your Painting & Weathering Techniques for German PANZER Video Guide will teach you the most current weathering techniques as used by the professional scale modellers.

instant access

Get Access to Video Guide in 3 Easy Steps:

3 steps

Click on ‘ADD TO CART” button and you will be re-directed to a PayPal page. If you are paying with a PayPal account, you will be automatically returned to our website to complete registration. If you are paying with a Credit Card, you will have to click on the link shown in the image below to return back to our site to complete registration.

PayPal page

Once the payment is completed and you are back on our site, fill in your user details and click to register.

Registration page

Once you are registered you will get access to the Video Guide which is exclusive to members. Your membership does not have an expiry date. You can view the Video Guide as many times as you like. When you return, simply click on the MEMBERS button in the menu and type your user name and password for unlimited access!

Video Guide Page

instant access



  1. Well done Kris, this would have to be “the best” $15 I’ve spent on this hobby to date.
    Very informative for newb like myself. I can’t wait to put some of these techniques into practice.
    I look forward to more of the same.


    • Hi Andrew,

      Thank you for your kind feedback. If you wish – send us few pictures of your next model. Would love to see how you went with implementing techniques from the video guide.

      I agree with you 100% about this video guide being informative. I wholeheartedly believe that it offers excellent value for any scale modeller who is interested in creating realism on their models.

      Many Thanks,


  2. Kris…..I would like to join your “members only” part of youur web site but have been unable to do so.

    • Hi Paul,

      To view the “Painting & Weathering Techniques for German PANZER”, you need to be a member. To become a member simply go to http://www.scalemodelguide.com/video-guide and click ADD TO CART.

      Once your payment is complete – you will create a member account. Member Account will give you unlimited access to Painting & Weathering Techniques for German PANZER Video Guide.

      I really believe that this guide offers great value. If you enjoy making German PANZER and if you are passionate about re-creating realism on your models – definitively do not miss out!



  3. i would like to buy this video but i don’t have paypal account, i can pay only with my credit card,and problem is when i start with buying i always see paypal nothing else

    • Hi Rale,

      When you click on the ADD TO CART button, it will take you to the PAYPAL page. Once you are there you have option to pay with your credit card without having a PAYPAL account.

      Hope this helps.

      Many Thanks,


  4. Hey Kris

    Does the purchase come with a hard copy? DVD or a file download, or is it simply available streamed from your server?

    • Hi Matt,

      When you purchase PANZER Video Guide you get access to the members section where the video is available for viewing. It is streamed from the server.
      Your membership does not have an expiry date. You can view the Video Guide as many times as you like. When you return, simply click on the MEMBERS button in the menu and type your user name and password for unlimited access!



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