Phantom F-4 J

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Could this be the one of the BEST airplane kits of 2017??

With all the recent praise for 1:48 TAMIYA F-14 Tomcat, could this SWS Phantom be in the same league and deliver the same quality we look for in a kit?

The answer is one big YES!!

Phantom was featured in MODEL AIRPLANE International (March Edition) as a feature kit build and has scored exceptionally well on the model accuracy, ease of assembly and looks – once complete!

Scale: 1/48
Product Specifications: Plastic Model Kits
Including 2-color molded parts (clear and grey)
Total Parts: 338
Manufacturer: ZOUKEI-MURA

*Glue is required for assembly.

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Beautiful and accurate reproduction like never seen before.

Phantom F-4 J pic3

Color rich decals from Cartograf -Italy

Phantom F-4 J pic6

Featuring 3 external tanks and MIG killer missiles

Phantom F-4 J pic4

This kit is the result of scrupulous research on the real F-4 by Zoukei-Mura team!!!

Phantom F-4 J pic8

Aimed to be the world's easiest kit to build!

Phantom F-4 J pic7

What is under the hood?

The engines equipped on the F-4 are the General Electric J79 engines, masterpiece engine of that era which was installed on the F-104 too. If we classify roughly the machines by their outer shapes, we can distinguish the short type nozzle machines like the B-type equipped with a J79-8 (7,710kg maximum thrust) or the C, D-types equipped with a J79-15 (7,710kg maximum thrust), and the long type nozzle machines like the J-type equipped with a J79-10 (8,210kg maximum thrust), and the E-type equipped with a J79-17 (8,210kg maximum thrust). The SWS kit reproduces with few parts the “J79-10” engines mounted on the J-type.

What about the armament and deck-landing equipment of this carrier plane used for all kinds of mission!

The struts of the F-4, which was developed as a carrier plane, were designed to be solid in order to resist to very hard deck landings, especially the main gears of the J-type with 76.2cm x 29.2cm high-pressure tires since the plane landed on warships. Regarding the armament, the first B, C and D-types of the F-4, which design has been based on the missile gap myth, were not equipped with fixed armaments. Their characteristic is that they could be equipped with a maximum of four AIM-7 missiles into the missile bay on the lower fuselage, and four AIM-9 missiles on the lower surface of the main wings. However, during the Vietnam War, because of the great activity of the F-8 Crusader that had 20mm machine guns, it became obvious that missiles alone were insufficient as there was nothing to do except fly away after using all of them, so that from E-type a “M61A-1” Vulcan gun fixed type was added to the nose. Since some have considered about using the plane as a bomber too, its capacity of loading a big bomb of about 7.3t is another charm of the F-4.

Additional information

Weight 950 kg
Dimensions 45 x 35 x 12 cm


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