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He-162 Painting & Weathering FREE Video Guide

Here’s How You Can Access Your FREE He-162 Painting and Weathering Video Guide Just enter your first name and email address in the form to the right… We’ll email you the link to your FREE Video Guide. Please note that the Video Guide (approx. 50 minutes) is embedded in a protected page and by signing in you can view it straight away!

HE162 features


This video guide contains some of the most frequent questions asked on this site:

  • How to paint cockpit

  • How to do drybrushing

  • Airbrushing camouflage

  • Preshading (my verison)

  • Applying enamel washes

  • Applying oil washes

  • Applying decals

  • And many more….

Access It Today… DO NOT MISS OUT!

See what others had to say:

Kris, I watched your video on building the HE-162 and Holy Cow, what a great job you did! There was so much useful information in that video that I’m sure that I will watch it many times again. It was so nice to get all that information in one place. Just wanted to thank you for sharing your expertise with all of us. It’s really cool! Gracias amigo… John

Wonderful , informative videos! Thanks so much for posting these. So many great tips. Request next one be an armor subject. Again, THANKS!!! Alan

Really great tutorial! I learned a lot about the weathering techniques you used. I hope to see more of these vids in the future. Very professionaly done. Thanks! Rick



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