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Painting Tips

Holding Small Parts


Introduction Painting small parts individually either by brush or airbrush can be a real pain.  Here are a few ideas to hold small parts securely while painting. 1. Cocktail Sticks Through A Hole The ammo boxes on the right have ...

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Using Masking Tape

Masking Tape

On the left is Tamiya masking tape made specially for modellers.  On the right is commecial masking tape made for interior decorating. Introduction Most modellers have to use masking tape on a regular basis.  This tutorial contains two tips for ...

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Using a ‘Stunt Double’

Stunt doubles

These two Games Workshop’s Space Marine Rhino’s have been made up for use in practicing new techniques and paint combinations. Introduction This article suggests keeping an old model for practicing new painting techniques. Background Most modellers feel the need to ...

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