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Model Photography Part6 – Photoshop

Panther sd kfz 171

In this tutorial we will show how to put Tamiya’s Challenger 1 MkIII tank into a realistic desert setting. Introduction This is the sixth and final tutorial in the series about model photography.  If you have followed the series you ...

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Model Photography Part 4 – Setting up & Taking Photos

Introduction The ScaleModelGuide photo studio This is the forth in a series of articles about scale model photography.  The first article discussed why there is such a strong interest in taking photographs.  The second looked at equipment needed and the ...

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Model Photography Part 2 – Equipment Needed

Photo Sony LCD screen

This is a 1/35th scale Challenger tank taken outdoors with a compact camera.  This is about the best quality to be expected with this limited equipment. Introduction This is the second of a series of articles that covers all aspects ...

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Model Photography Part 1

Photo Sony Camera

Introduction This is the first of a series of articles dealing with the subject of photographing scale models.  They will cover the equipment needed, technical aspects and techniques including post-photography image editing. The articles are written from the point of ...

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How to Attach Model to a Base

Base 02

Introduction This is the vehicle we will be fixing to the base. This article explains in detail how to attach a vehicle model to a display base so that it is secure but can easily be removed. Background The reasons ...

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How to make a Display Base – Part2

Base PVA

This is the model with the commander figure. Introduction This article will give a step-by-step guide to creating a simple scenic base for a Tamiya Panzer III tank. Background Tamiya’s Panzer III makes up into a fine model and is ...

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How to Make a Display Base – Part1

PZ IV G complete on base

This is a 1/35th scale Panzer IV on it’s homemade base.  The base cost only a couple of Euros and was made entirely made from scratch. Introduction The subject of bases, including why to use them and where to buy ...

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All About Display Bases

scorpion on base

This model of the “Sulaco” from the movie ‘Aliens’ requires a display base and one is supplied with the kit.  The base supplied is clear plastic but the modeller felt that spraying it metallic blue with car paint would make ...

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