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Construction Tips

What’s in the Box

What is in the Box

When faced with hundreds of parts on dozens of sprues, together with brass photo-etch frets and other media it can appear overwhelming.  A systematic approach will help to get to grips with your new project. Introduction This article is aimed ...

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Your First Build

Abrams box contents

The contents of an M1 Abrams 1/72nd scale tank.  A small simple model suitable for beginners – although the some of the small parts and the link and length tracks might prove a challenge to some people. Introduction Scale Model ...

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Types of Tank Tracks

This photo of tank tracks shows the complexity that has to be reproduced on an accurate model.  Details include rubber pads on the outside, guide horns on the inside and track pins and connectors on the edges. Introduction This article ...

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Model kits materials

Modern injection molding processes mean that complex three dimensional shapes like this can be produced. Introduction This is a brief summary of the different materials commonly used in scale model kits, describing their characteristics and differences. Background Model kits are ...

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Learn all About Fillers

Introduction This article explains the different types of gap filling materials available to modellers.  Techniques for filling gaps are covered in the article ‘Gap Filling’ . This is the modeller’s nightmare.  Not only is there a gap between the two ...

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Learn all About Glue

Introduction This article will deal with the various types of glue available to modellers, explaining their characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.  It does not cover the techniques of applying adhesives which are explained in the article ‘Joining Parts Together’ . Remember, ...

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Advanced Tools

Introduction This article will cover some of the many tools available to the modeller.  Some have been specifically developed for scale models whilst others have general uses. Background There are certain tools that are essential and all modellers will use ...

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What tools do you need to start out

The complete basic tool kit laid out This article suggests a few basic tools for starting out scale modelling. Making scale models requires the use of a few tools.  In fact, most experienced modellers will have at their disposal an ...

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Use of Magnification

In this article the spotlight will be put on a tool that most modellers find useful, if not indispensable.  Nearly all modellers will use some sort of magnifier sooner or later, yet they are often taken for granted.  However, the ...

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