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Construction Tips

Cockpit Canopies-Acrylic Coating

Eurofighter canopy 7

Introduction A good aircraft model must have a perfect scratch-free and shiny cockpit canopy.  Removing scratches from canopies and other clear parts is covered in the article ‘Cockpit Canopies – Scratch Removal’ .  This article deals with improving the clarity ...

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Working with Resin Parts

Resin crates

Resin is associated with conversion kits, but is also used to produce complete model kits.  This allows the modeller to produce subjects that are not available from the larger kit manufacturers.  This is the excellent 1/35th Jackal from Accurate Armour. ...

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Step by Step Guide to Soldering

Soldering tools

A typical selection of tools and materials needed for soldering. Introduction Long gone are the days when making a scale model involved just plastic.  Modern kits are often multimedia with resin, metal, wood and other materials in addition to traditional ...

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Guide to using photo etched parts on models

Voyager photo etch set

This is a close up of a typical brass photo-etch fret.  As can be seen there are a myriad of very small parts.  Many of these need to be bent to shape and it is sometimes difficult to tell what ...

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Techniques and Uses for Milliput putty

Alien Egg 4

Milliput has been used to create this sack which is tied onto a grab handle on the side of the AFV.  Military vehicles are frequently seen covered in miscellaneous stowage. It is possible to buy ‘ready made’ stowage but creating ...

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How to Create Realistic Weld Beads

Weld bead M113 2

Introduction The front edge of this Tamiya Panther Tank shows massive weld beads where the two front edges are joined like a giant jigsaw puzzle.  The join is represented well on this model, but this is not always the case. ...

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How to Fill Gaps and Hide Joints

Filler 1

The two main body halves of this ‘Alien’ figure were a very poor fit.  The white line of filler shows the gaps between the two halves.  If these were not filled and sanded the finished model would not have looked ...

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How to Glue Parts Together

liquid cement

Introduction Liquid Polystyrene Cement – one of the most widely used glues for plastic model kits. This article covers the most fundamental of all scale modelling skills – gluing parts together. It follows on from the article ‘All About Glue’ ...

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How to remove parts from sprue

Using Xuron cutter

Introduction This is a typical sprue of injection molded parts that makes up the vast majority of plastic kits.  Safely removing all the parts without damaging or losing them is fundamental to the hobby.  The sprues themselves should be kept ...

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