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Getting Started

How to Get Started

How to Choose Your First Model

This P51 Mustang 1/72nd scale aircraft would be an excellent kit for a beginner.  It is good quality, goes together well, has an easy paint scheme and is a subject that appeals to many aircraft enthusiasts. Introduction This article will ...

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What Draws People to the Hobby?

This article is mainly aimed at those people who are not at all familiar with the hobby of scale modelling and may be wondering why anyone should want to do it.  It might also be a useful read for the ...

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How do you define Scale Modelling?

Why do we need a definition? The hobby of scale modelling probably means different things to different people.  Some people might regard making models of science fiction subjects as outside the realm of scale modelling, whilst others would argue that ...

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Where to Buy?

This article is aimed at providing assistance in finding a good place to buy models, tools and materials.  It is mainly aimed at the beginnner, since more experienced modellers will have already have a list of favourite suppliers that they ...

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What are Popular Scales?

Modern British NCO

This article follows on from Explaining Scale There is a huge range of scales available to the modeller and it would be futile to try to list every scale that had ever been used.  However, it is useful to know ...

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Explaining Scale

Sulaco 1 2400th TN

An understanding of scale is fundamental to scale modelling and fortunately the basic principles are easy to understand.  This article explains the principles of scale and the reasons for the many different scales available to modellers. This model of the ...

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