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General Information

General Information on Scale Modelling

Tank/AFV Glosary

People who work with military vehicles appear to have their own language involving words such as sponsons, glacis plate and guide horns.  This article aims to explain the more common terms used with tanks, armoured vehicles and similar beasts. The ...

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Scale Models Manufacturers

This article lists the main manufacturers of scale model kits with background information about them.  We could not possibly list every manufacturer since there are literally hundreds.  However, if you buy a mainstream kit it will almost certainly come from ...

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Portable Workstation

The portable workstation packed up ready for to be stored for next time. In this article we advise on how to go about making a portable workspace for your model building. Background I suspect that most modellers dream of having ...

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Glossary of Terms

The hobby of scale modelling has its own terminology that has grown up throughout the years and this can be intimidating to beginners.  There is also the problem that a particular term will mean different things to different modellers.  For ...

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Health & Safety

The hobby of scale modelling can be practiced without injury or damage to health and this should be the aim at all times.  Regrettably, everything that we do in life involves some risk and certain guidelines need to be followed ...

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How and Why to Research Your Model

There are literally hundreds of books widely available that are intended for historians and military enthusiasts but are also very useful to the scale modeller This article explains the benefits of doing research to support scale modelling subjects and provides ...

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