Hi ! My name is Kris  – 36 year old from Sydney, Australia.  I feel very blessed to be hooked on one of the best hobbies known to a  man kind – SCALE MODELLING! I am sure you will agree – which other hobby allows you to create realistic miniature replicas of  P-51, Star wars fighters or TIGER tank and the rest.

Thanks for reading ABOUT ME . I’ll briefly explain how it started for me and the reasoning  behind this website.

How it all started

SOYUS Russian Rocket I found this pic on the web of the same Soyus model

Like many of us, as a kid I remember getting few models for birthdays and Xmas. The best one I remember being the Russian Soyus space rocket. I loved putting it together but back then in late 80s I did not have paints so all my models were left unpainted. I remember that one day my mum taught of being creative and used nail polish to paint flower patterns and stupid lines on all of my models. She was very pleased with the result and when I came back from school was proud to show it to me. Holly Cow – to this day I remember my reaction – all my models really  looked like sh….

I probably glued few more models after that but nothing serious for a long time.

My interest was re-kindled during my last year of uni. Friend of mine – John at that time was into making remote control planes. He bought a brand new remote control petrol engine driven  Cessna. He spent bit of time putting it together and then took it to the local club for a test spin. Because the plane was expensive and it was quite difficult to fly for a newbie, he gave it to the local RC club instructor for its maiden voyage. Unfortunately the instructor did not check the frequency before take off. The thing took off smoothly BUT then  very shortly after take-off, the plane lost control  since someone else was using the same frequency. The thing just plummeted straight to the ground and into a pile of mess.  Instructor politely handed over the controls back to John and said – “do not worry you can fix it”!  HA HA it is funny now but not back then.

Any way, we took the plane – whatever was left of it and went to the Ryde Hobby shop to buy few bits which needed replacement. While in the shop, John was talking to the shop assistant and I went to look around and it was then when it happened. My eyes meet with a beautiful, gorgeous already built Me-110 and her sister Il2-Strumovik in the shop display .

I could not believe that a plastic model can be made to look so realistic. Paint chips, faded paint job, exhaust stains and the rest.  I knew it my hart that that was love on the first sight. HA HA. It also appealed to me because I have always been a WW2 buff and have always been reading anything I got my hand-on on WW2. The rest is  history.  Started with a 1:48 scale A-10  using the paint spray cans – hey! You have to start somewhere!

One aspect of the hobby that is fascinating to me is the pursuit of realism. Not so much in terms of replicating the detail to the last rivet but in terms of applying the paint job and weathering, thus creating a model that looks REAL but just smaller in size. It does not happen over night. Happy to say that my first models were crap in my today standards, but never the less, it is important to start somewhere and build experience. For every new model that we CREATE we step up a notch as scale modellers and always learn something new.

Another aspect of the modelling that very much appeal to me is that making models  is relaxing! So many nights after the wife and the kid have gone to sleep, I am left with a model kit, ipod for some good music and 2-3 hours of pure enjoyment and relaxation.

My whole purpose for this website is to help and assist with improving the necessary skills so that you get there quicker and start making awesome models that you will be proud to show and maybe even win few awards at the local competitions.

I hope that you find this site useful in our endless pursuit of modelling realism and fun.

Please take advantage of the post comments and ask me questions. Also, if you have a need for a particular topic please let me know. I will do my best to answer as much as I can. Right now I am experimenting with video and will post first video very shortly – WATCH THIS  SPACE!

I hope to see you on the blog sometime soon!

HAPPY Modelling!!!!



  1. Hi Kris,
    I like your comment about the relaxing aspect of model-building. It’s well said and I started, like you, after the kids were asleep (along with the wife). You may have seen my recent website at http://www.shousha-inc.com. I now have a new one at http://www.modellers-workshop.com and thought you might like to have a look. It has a nice Classified Ads section where people can sell their collections. As modellers get older they start to realize that never in their wildest dreams will they build the 3,000 or 4,000 models they’ve accumulated.

    So, please have a look and, if you like what you see, I invite you to place a link somewhere. In return, I’ll link your site on my links page.


    Rick Shousha

  2. I have recently gotten back into modelling, and am approaching it with a new found sense of crafting. After about 5 or so years of my collection gathering dust I wanted to create all of those details and fine craftsmanship that I had always admired in display models. I just wanted to say thanks for making such a well layed out site and sharing some of your techniques. High levels of detail used to seem like a mystery to me, but now with time, practice, and great resources like this I believe I can create it all.

  3. I like the fact that you have taken the aspects of a hobby that has so many assets on many levels and are allowing others to see the final products but more important is that what you invest into a project will define the result. That you can build a kit out of the box and have a wonderful item to display or a project that you spend months on and you are the only one that knows every aspect that really went into the project. Here in the states the hobby itself has suffered due to the reduced intrest by younger people but the fact is that the hobby has so many benifits. It helps in expanding linear prctice, planning, time mangement, an introduction to engineering. It teaches many things simply by allowing the modeler to build as basic or complex models as he/she likes and builds the fundamentals that develop analytical practices that help later. Myself I have modeled for about twenty years but due to work my time simply isn’t available to model as much I would like and to see others works help me plan future projects. I hope that younger people see your site and it insires them to try a model, simple out of the box or a serious project. Thanks.

  4. Amazing site! I fly rc planes and as an artist aswell i love the painting and customization aspect of the hobby. I have recently been very interested in the idea of hobby modeling and the dedication and enjoyment people get from it. I am also fascinated by the focus on history that comes along with it. recently i have started making oil paintings using models and miniature terrain as my subject so if you or any visiotrs to your site have good pictures of your models that you would like to see paintings feel free to drop me a line at http://www.ericclementart.com.

  5. Great site. Awsome info for beginers and experts alike. keep up the good work

  6. All I can say your site helps me alot, Thank You, David from Billings,Montana

  7. Awesome site you have here.. helps me a lot and the guide is very easy to follow… keep up the good work :). Recommended your site to my local scale modelling group as well for reference.. 🙂

  8. I think your site is spot-on for people like myself who are trying out weathering techniques for the first time and can now glean invaluable information from the site to help them perfect their models.

  9. Great site!! Thank you all the helpful information.

  10. Thanks for your site. I just, today, finished moving my workbench into a workroom I built to do small carpentry projects and to rekindle my hobby of recreating Canadian WWII scenes in 1/35 scale. I realized that cold weather, and a lack of venting will keep me from being able to set up an airbrush station, so I eagerly read your article on using brushes. I learned a lot through your article, including some mistakes I’d made earlier, such as cutting bristles shorter or trying to make them thinner and wondering why my results were so poor. I look forward to using your site as a reference tool and learning station as I get back into modeling.

  11. Hi Kris. Many thanks for the weathering tips. I’ve returned to HO railway modelling during my retirement. I’ve found Airfix 1:76 model military trucks ideal for my post WW II layout and am seriously enjoying making my own landscape items. As My last plastic model was about 30 years ago I found things have changed somewhat. Your Web site is great. I always wanted to know how to imitate rust and chipping. Many thanks.

  12. thnx for this site you have made,what i need is to find the best way to use a brush for painting big aircraft,and the best ratio for enamel paints to be thinned for painting,i`m like the blind man who wants to drive,straight in then wonder why i came to a stop,(huge wall in front i dint see)lol.your site is invaluable mate thnx

    • Hi Ole,

      When you say big planes – do you mean scale models or RC planes?

      Also do you mean paint brushing (with a paint brush) or air-brushing. Airbrushing would be easier and would produce better result than paint brushing. If you are airbrushing than 50:50 ratio should do. If you are paint brushing then try the same ratio. If the paint is too runny than make it more thick (means less thinner).

      One question – why do you use enamel colors? Given the choice and quality of acrylic colors these days – they are the way to go . And most importantly if you apply acrylic colors than you can apply enamel or oil washes (slow drying time).

      If you use enamel color than you need to use acrylic washes (fast drying time) which are pain to use.

      Go acrylics i would say! If you join the newsletter you will receive step-by-step video guide on how to make He-162 early German WW2 jet. I really believe that it provides excellent info. Pls check it out!


  13. Hello Kris. Your videos are very informative and entertaining and I will reccommend them, and your site to my modelling friends. However I have one small criticism, I find the music annoying when I am trying to listen to what you are saying. By all means have music when you are not speaking but please not when you are. I find your obvious enthusiasm for the hobby very refreshing unlike some sites where I feel that they are just going through the motions and not really interested in teaching others their skills. Again, well done. Robert

    • Hi Robert
      Many thanks for your feedback. Regarding the music and voice volumes, one of my close friends said the same thing – i’ll get it corrected shortly.

      Once again thanks!


  14. Hi Kris,
    I am in my mid 40’s and have just started to get into the hobby. (well, I don’t count a few models as a 10 yr old kid that looked really horrible..lol) I stumbled across your site and it has been a tremendous help! When it comes to painting I did not have a clue, but at least now I have a good resource to help me through this. Hopefully I can perfect the painting, shading, weathering ect and send in a photo. Thanks for your VERY informative site!

  15. This is an impressive and extremely helpful and informative site. It is so thoughtful of you to take the time to present this information, and you have done it very well, Kris.

    I find myself returning to model making after 25 years. Found your site searching for tips on working with PE. My goal is to step up my skill levels and you site has already proven to be invaluable, and I’ve yet to scratch the surface.

    Thank you, Kris

    Mishawaka, IN USA

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